Tris Walker

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Tris Walker twin brother to Trevor Walker born in District 7 and boyfriend to Cecilie.

he was one of the biggeste characters in the series and his first Appearances was in quater quell, in the start he only saw Cecilie as his sister, but he began to get feelings for her, he had always take care of the family together with Trevor and their elder brother Jacob. When Trevor died he spend alot of time with Cecilie and comforted her when she had nightmares.

Like Cecilie he wanted to stop the games as well, and wanted to be a part of the rebel

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Age:  17 ( Quater quell)

18 ( 76 annual Hunger games)

19 ( The Rebel)

Home: district 7
Gender: male
Height: 1,82cm
Weapon: guns
Fate: dead

Appearances: Qauter quell

76 annual Hunger games

The rebel



" I love him and he loves me" - Cecilie about Tris and her

Tris and Cecilie started with a siblings like relationships they were there for each other when they needed comfort. and alot of time they slep together because of Cecilie's nightmare. but they also spent good time together when they had fun and was teasing each other. after he had spend so much time with her, he began to get feeings for her, but he wouldn't admit it.

he got broken when she had to enter the games for the third time but was at the same time relifed over that she took Emma's place he knew that Cecilie would have bigger chance to win the games.

When he found out that Cecilie had started a love story with Aide, he became very jalouse he didn't know if it was fake or nor, but at the same time he felt that Cecilie needed him more than Aiden. and they both admitted there love when Tris had to go back to district 7 for his mission.

their love had never been strong, but they truly loved each other.

Trevor Walker:

" we're twins and I loved him" - Tris

Tris and Trevor was twins and had a close relationship, they looked alot like each other and had the same humor, they were always togehter and took care of the others.