Sera 1


Seraphina was a tribute and career in the 76 annual hunger games. she came from district 1

Seraphina was beautiful and looked like a princess therefore Cecilie didn't think she would be her biggeste competition. but she was dangerous and her beauty was just a facade.

Seraphina was the first to attack Cecilie and Primrose with the lake and she was the one who end up fighting with her while Odessa had run away and Norella was running after Primrose. but she lost the fght and Cecilie killed her.


Age:  18 ( 76 annual hunger games)
Home: district 1
Gender: female
Height: 1,78cm

Weapon: knives,spear

Fate: dead
Appearances: 76 annual hunger games

Physical description_______________________________________________________________________

Seraphine was a tall girl with long legs, she had long blond hair, their was perfectly flat, she had big blue inncont eye, she would be the type people would call for " girly" and " perfect" she had a slim body and white teeth, and pink lips. she looked beautiful not dangerous. even in her arena suite she looked like a godness, and when she was covered in blood she just looked sexy.