Odessa Odair

Odessa Odair was a career tribute from distrikt four and cousins to Finnick Odair. she got reaped to the 76 annual hunger games, and got in an alliance with the district 1 and 2

people thought aswell that she was hunting Cecilie in the games like the rest of the careeres but actually she was trying to find her to make an alliance with her.

when her, Norella and Seraphina was out looking for food, she noticed Cecilie and Primrose with the lake, she she rushed immediately away from the others because she knew that they have noticed them aswell. and she would not be part of the fight. as Norelle and Seraphina was fighting wih Cecilie and Primrose, did she wait for something happend, and then she saw lille scared Primrose running away from Norelle, she saw her chance to provide thats she was on Cecilie side, and killed Norelle.

she was saved by district 13 with Cecilie, Aiden and Primrose, when she came at the district she met Demetri and immediately found him very attractive, and she missed comfort.

She participated in they first mission Cecilie got, try to get District 12 on their side, late at night they would

Age:  18 ( 76 annual Hunger games)

18 ( The Rebel)

Home: district 4
Gender: female
Height: 1,75cm

Weapon:  swords


Fate: dead

Physical descriptionEdit

Odessa have long fire red hair their reach to her limb olivan skin and green eyes, with freckles over her nose, she tall and have a thin body.


Odessa was a happy girl who look positiv on things when it wasn't she was very, she was very friendly toward people who was friendly to her. She was also a girl who was very particular health, she ate a lot of salad and always drank fresh water.


Demetri When Odessa arrived to district 13 Demetri was there to help them, he escorted her to the hospital, and she found him extremely attractive and charming. And she needed comfort and she felt that he gave that to her, they grew closer and an evening were they were alone, Odessa kissed him, not thing about what she was doing, but to her luck he kissed her back and the became a couple. She cared a lot for him, she finally felt that someone actually cared for her. He was very proactive over for her, because he knew what she had been though and she had a hard time, when she got killed in the arena he got very angry at Cecilie he almost wanted to kill her to because of her stupidity.