Norelle was a tribute and careere in the 76 annual hunger games. she was from district 2.

Norelle was a careere therefore very skilled, she wanted to kill Cecilie like the rest of the careeres, she didn't like Cecilie because she took all the attention.

Norelle was a girl you shouldn't provoke, she was dangerous and had you around her little finger.

we don,t her alot about her in the games, but she was running after Priomrose while Seraphina was fighting with Cecilie. what she didn't expect was that Odessa came and killed her fast and painless.

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We don't know much about her background, but she does have a France name, and that can maybe mean her family maybe came from France.

We know she have a big brother she tell in the interview with Flickerman


Norelle was a tough girl who didn't Show a nice side, she was cold and dangerous and she only sounded polite when she talked to her alliance ( and that was only sometimes) and when she was on the interviews with Flickerman.


age: 18 ( 76 annual hunger games)
Home: district 2
Gender: female
Height: 1,68cm
Weapon: knives, swords
Fate: dead
Appearances: 76 annual hunger games