Laura 1

Laura Walker

Laura Walker was little sister to Tris and Trevor Walker she lives in district 7 with Cecilie in the victor villiages.

Laura seems to be a shy and quiet girl, when we first meet her, we don't hear about her so much. but we know that Cecilies fixes her hair.

in " The Rebel" she had opened a bit more, and she want to fight, we then know, that she i tired of being now as the " shy girl" and she want to do something in the rebel, she want to fight along with Cecilie and her brother Tris.

In " the Rebel" she also enter the game " catch the flag" where she chose the weapon as her weaon. she looks up to Cecilie and want to be strong like her.

Age:  13 ( hunger games)

14 ( Qauter quell)

15 ( 76 annual hunger games)

15 ( the Rebel)

Home: district 7
Gender: female
Height: 1,65cm

Weapon: bow and arrow


Fate: alive

Appearances:  Quater quell

76 annual hunger games

The Rebel

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Family members

Veronica Walker ( mother)

Charles Walker ( father )

Jacob Walker ( big brother)

Trevor Walker ( big brother) †

Tris Walker ( big brother) †

Emma Walker ( little sister)



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