Emma Walker

Age: 10 ( hunger games )

11 ( Quater quell)

12 ( 76 Annual Hunger games)

12 ( rebel)

Home: district 7

Gender: female
Height: 1,51 cm
Weapon: none
Fate: alive

Appearances: mentioned in Hunger games

Quater quell

76 annual hunger games

the rebel

Emma Walker is the little sister of Tris Walker, she was born in 5 of july and lived in district seven. when Cecilie won the Hunger Games she moved in with her in the victor villagas together with the rest of her family.

she was once very sick and was dying, but her famiy could not affort her medicin, that was one of the reason that her elder brother Trevor Walker desperately wanted to win the games. When Cecilie came out from the games she broght her medicin and took them into her home.

Emma felt very comfortable with Cecilie and saw her as her proctive big sister, they were very close, and she came along with Maya Cecilie's little sister. she used to play alot with her.

When the 76 annual hunger games came, was she very scared to be chosen, she had just been 12 and was now a píece in the game, Cecilie tried alot to calm her down, by telling her it wouldn't be her.

at the reaping she got chosen, but Cecilie volunteered and took her place instead.

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