" you know I'm never trying to do something Naughty" -Demetri

Demetri Whinter was a part of the rebel and later Cecilies boyfriend
Måske Demetri


Age: 20 ( Rebellen)

Home: distrikt 5

Later: distrikt 13

Gender: Male
Height: 1,85cm

Weapon: knives


Fate: Alive
Appearances: Rebellen

Demetri Whinter was born 30 march in district 5 in a young age his parents died and he lived with his grand parents, uncle and aunt in the victor villages, because his uncle once won the game. a few years later his uncle died and his aunt killed by the peacekepper ( they never found out why) and then they decided to run away in fear that the peacekeeper also wanted to kill them. only a few years later they found district 13 and they welcomed them with open arms.

he got a job in the catine as a servant, he had always been on Cecilie side and while watching the games, he hoped that was she was telling about starting a rebel would be true. when she finally arrived to district 13 and he meet her, he was acting cold around her, because he didn't always like her attuide and because he was a bit jalouse over that it wasn't him that had startede the rebel, in a long time he didn't like Cecilie because he thought what she did caused innocent life, and because of her selfhishness that caused Odessa dead, in that moment he really hated her. but later when he learn more about her and heard he life story he understood her, they both have lost their familys and what she did was only meant to be a good thing. they spent alot of time together and the came along with each other. later they became good friends and he started to get feelings for her. he trained a lot with Tris in the training center, he wanted to be part of the rebel, now when he couldn't start it. 

he also played " catch the flag" and was good at it, he was a great fighter in the war and later he and Cecilie became a couple.

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